What is Spindash.net?

Learn about Spindash.net here. Any updates regarding the webspace, domain, forums, etc. will also be announced here. Subscribing might not be a bad idea for those with a vested interest (such as subdomain owners).

What is Spindash.net?

Postby Ziv on Mon Feb 16, 2009 1:49 pm

What is Spindash.net?
Spindash.net is a host for several different galleries, websites, and communities, some video game related, some not. These forums serve as a hub for the various sites hosted on our webspace.

Originally created as a nondescript domain to host the Sonic Classic Continuity website and forums (formerly known as the Sonic the Hedgehog RP Forum on AOL, then later the SEGA Sonic RP (SSRP) on sonic.toroimerai.net), Spindash.net has since mostly been a provider of free webspace for operators of small, typically Sonic the Hedgehog-related websites and forums, and the owner's personal friends. A year or two ago, an attempt was made to turn the main Spindash.net page into a gaming news forum intended to harvest and collect links to the latest articles from various gaming sites in one convenient location, but that fell on its face because one, we were too lazy to actually do it, and two, no one looked at any of it anyway.

Other Information
If you have any questions, feel free to PM or e-mail us. If you do choose to e-mail us, be sure to put "Spindash.net" somewhere in the title so your message doesn't get filtered out with the rest of the garbage. The address (ending in @spindash.net), is Admin.

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